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You don’t have to be an astronaut to enjoy the benefits of zero gravity! Just lose yourself in our ZGR 100 "Premier" model to experience the pleasures of reduced pressure on the spine and relaxation galore.

Our entry-level design in the Zero Gravity Recliner series features a sturdy metal frame with infinite adjustable seating and a cozy neck roll with a WonderFoam® fill for additional comfort and support. Comes in black leather. Weight limit: 275lbs. 

 *Certain restrictions apply
Dimension: Overall height: 48.5 inches; Overall Width: 29 inches; Overall Depth: 47inches (upright) 66 inches (reclined); Seat Depth: 18 inches; Wall Clearance 20-22 inches
List Price: $ 1,198


  • Item #: ZGR100L


Price: $1,198.00
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